NFT Talents - Timothe Lafon

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August 2022

Timothe Lafon

Nationality: French

Residence: Paris, France

Field of study: Energy and Environmental engineering / Engineering management (Supply Chain, Marketing, Management…)

University: IMT Nord Europe / Tsinghua University

Work experience: Data Analyst in chemical industry, for the reduction of the environmental impact of building industry / Supply chain supervisor in the watchmaking industry

Current affiliation: Student / Intern at Cartier

Current position: Supply chain digital transformation supervision

Why are NFTs interesting? I genuinely believe that NFT for art is just the tip of the iceberg. In supply chain, NFTs could improve greatly the traceability and simplify the visualization of the impact of an item on the planet. Moreover, for carbon credits NFTs could ensure the projects the offset is going on and avoid duplicate payments to the same project. Even if some industries could use in house systems the hype of the blockchain helps to develop these traceability technologies.

My touchpoints with NFTs so far: I started to be really interested in the alternate use of NFTs this year during multiple seminar on blockchain use in the supply chain. My goal would be to apply the knowledge obtained in the NFT Talents program to develop a carbon footprint measurement tool for daily life products

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