NFT Talents - Sunny H.Y. Jiang

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August 2022

Sunny H.Y. Jiang

Nationality: Dutch

Residence: Maastricht, the Netherlands

Field of study: Computer Science / International Business / Art and the finance market

University: Hunan University / Maastricht University / Sotheby’s institute of art

Work experience: start-up coaching, venture support, management consulting, strategic marketing, international business development, public private partnerships, life sciences and health

Current affiliation: Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus

Current position: Director Brightlands China Center

Why are NFTs interesting? NFTs can represent any type of assets, it is the exciting part of the innovative and disruptive distributed ledger technology and the internet of value - web3. It plays an important role in shaping the future of economy.

My touchpoints with NFTs so far

  • DLT talents / NFT talents, MaasDAO initiator
  • Co-launched a NFT fine art project (Metadata/IPFS/Smart Contract)
  • Participated to NFT Berlin hackathon (build a social dApp)
  • Won 6 prizes / bounties in ETH New York hackathon as core team member with project HE(ART):  a gamified DAO governed collective to empower creativity and make positive social impact with auctionable art and NFTs

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