NFT Talents - Stephanie Schlich

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April 2023

NFT Talents_Stephanie_Schlich

Nationality: German

Residence: Currently none due to Digital Nomad Lifestyle right now staying at Fuerteventura / Canary Islands until the end of Feb 2023

Field of study: Public Relations (CBS Cologne), Language & Economy Science (EN / IT)

University: EWS Cologne (CBS)

Work experience: Various such as sales, CEO assistance, advertising agencies, for more pls check my Linkedin

Current affiliation: ST_SCHLICH / Freedom & Workflow Ambassador (Virtual Assistance) & (Female Empowerment) Mindset Mentor

Current position: Founder

Why are NFTs interesting? Art combined with Utility, perfect way to proof as an owners certificate

My touchpoints with NFTs so far: My preferred collection: (I own 3 apes). Last summer I joined the Smart A-Community founded by Marcel Schlee and thanks to my participation I was able to create my own first collection on OpenSea:

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