NFT Talents - Sharvaree Mane

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August 2023

NFT Talents_Profile_Sharvaree Mane

Nationality: Indian

Residence: India

Field of study: B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering with a Specialisation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

University: Vellore Institute Of Technology

Work experience: Creator economy, Web 3, NFT, AI Art, Generative AI.

Current affiliation: inkverse.dao

Current position: Founder

Why are NFTs interesting? NFTs, initially celebrated for their impact on the art world, are now spearheading revolutions in diverse sectors, including fintech, data management, and advertising. In the fintech realm, they're introducing groundbreaking mechanisms for tokenized assets, ensuring secure and transparent transactions. The emergence of data NFTs is transforming how we view data ownership and monetization, providing unique opportunities for creators and consumers alike. Furthermore, the advertising sector is harnessing NFTs to create rare, valuable ad spaces, revolutionizing brand engagement. What's particularly captivating is the amalgamation of NFTs with generative AI. This fusion promises not only innovative art forms but also pioneering business models that could reshape the digital economy. As NFTs permeate diverse industries, their versatility, and potential for disruption become undeniably evident.

My touchpoints with NFTs so far: Google Developer Student Club, Industry conferences, Hackathons, DLT Talents, Creator economy, AI-Generated Art, NFT. Building Inkverse DAO - Wearable tattoo NFT in Metaverse.

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