NFT Talents - Sebastian Karb

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August 2023

NFT Talents_Profile_Sebastian Karb

Nationality: German

Residence: Berlin, Germany

Field of study: Business Administration and Management (BA)

University: HTW Berlin - University of Applied Sciences 

Work experience: FinTech and Technology Consulting 

Current affiliation: PwC Germany

Current position: Consultant in CIO Advisory | Cloud & Digital

Why are NFTs interesting? Bridging the digital and physical worlds, NFTs are revolutionising the industry by enabling the tokenization of assets and creating new business models, particularly in the metaverse around gaming and (digital) fashion. As already explored today, NFTs have the potential to transform customer loyalty and retention programmes so that loyalty can be captured and traded or sold as value. NFTs could serve as fuel for a more community-centered, creator-driven and decentralized global economy.

My touchpoints with NFTs so far: I bought my first NFT at the end of 2021 and became a collector of several more NFTs in fashion, art, and entrepreneurship. Since then, I have attended several conferences and meetups revolving around NFTs and the Metaverse. I have been involved in the conception of an end-to-end showcase/prototype of a physical wearable with a digital twin, minted as an NFT.

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