NFT Talents - Justyna Kmiecik

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August 2023

NFT Talents_Profile_Justyna Kmiecik

Nationality: Poland | Luxembourg

Residence: Frankfurt, Germany

Field of study: Master in Data Analytics & Modelling | Master Thesis “Machine Learning used for Satellite Imagery

University: University of Luxembourg

Work experience: Asset Management & Technology Consulting

Current position: Manager in Strategic Advisory | Data Management & Innovation

Why are NFTs interesting? NFTs offer an exciting avenue for career growth due to their disruptive potential in the creative and financial sectors. Building on my experience with innovative technologies in DeFi and private banking, exploring NFTs allows me to leverage my expertise to navigate the intersection of technology and finance. I aspire to apply my knowledge to venture capital, where NFTs' transformative impact presents unique investment opportunities and the chance to shape the future of digital assets.

My touchpoints with NFTs so far: Participating in DeFi platforms that utilize NFT collateral, and exploring NFTs' potential for enhancing ownership verification and experiences within the Metaverse.


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