NFT Talents - Gabriele Peters

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August 2023

NFT Talents_Profile_Gabriele Peters

Nationality: Germany

Residence: Bochum, Germany

Field of study: Mathematics, Computer Science, AI, Photography, Art

University: Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Universität Bielefeld, TU Dortmund, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, California Institute of Technology

Why are NFTs interesting? Being an active member of Germany's photographic scene for more than 20 years, I recently gave several talks on AI, where I also talked about the prospective replacement of middlemen and institutions such as big media companies and image agencies. From the resonance I received I learned that there is a huge demand of guidance through the newly evolving technologies, especially on new business models on the one hand, and claiming one's rights of ownership of photographs or artworks, on the other. Both problems can be addressed by NFTs and smart contracts, if stored on a truly trustless and secure blockchain, i.e., the Bitcoin blockchain.

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