NFT Talents - Dominik Szymaniak

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August 2022

Dominik Szymaniak

Nationality: Poland

Residence: Warsaw, Poland

Field of study: Bachelor of Science, Electronics

University: Warsaw University of Technology

Work experience: Software Developer (ETL, Integrations, web3, blockchain)

Current affiliation: Pragmatic Coders, Freelancing

Current position: Blockchain Developer

Why are NFTs interesting? Gives a lot possibilities for media and arts handling management along with gaming industry. Also this could be potentially used for any verification cases. Unique tokenization can also be used as investing tool, where NFT tokens can stand for shares.

My touchpoints with NFTs so far: I have experience with creating NFT collections and handling events around it like airdrops or whitelisting. My current project also includes NFT usage for trading bot strategies and vaults management. Also I build trading bots which utilize multiple strategies on multiple DEXes. I invest in cryptocurrency market since 2019, including NFT related projects.

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