NFT Talents - Ares Wekwerth

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August 2022

Ares Wekwerth

Nationality: Germany

Residence: Stuttgart, Germany

Field of study: Bachelor Of Science, Real Estate Management

University: HfWU Nürtingen - Geislingen

Work experience: Content Creation, Private Banking, Investing

Current affiliation: Full-Time Crypto, DeFi & NFT Education

Current position: Student, Self-Employed

Why are NFTs interesting? Tokenizing real-world assets & creating virtual evidence of ownership is what makes NFTs interesting for me. The NFT Community is currently shifting from overpriced profile pics towards utility & use. We‘re still at the beginning of this innovation.

My touchpoints with NFTs so far: I‘m heavily invested in some blueprint NFT projects & I‘m also researching the Metaverse. Planning to release my own NFT collection.

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