NFT Talents - Alexander Murgoci

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April 2023

NFT Talents_Alexander_Murgoci

Nationality: German

Residence: Munich, Germany

Field of study: M.Sc. Business Administration and  Computer Science

University: TU Munich (TUM)

Work experience: Automotive, Banking, eCommerce

Current affiliation: IT Service Provider

Current position: Business Analyst / Consultant

Why are NFTs interesting? NFT is a game-changer for artists and content producers, as it can potentially disrupt current gatekeeper positions. Additionally, it could unlock a deeper engagement with customers or product communities. Thereby, NFT technology could change value chains and interactions between companies and their target groups.

My touchpoints with NFTs so far: I collect NFT art and participate in several NFT communities and web3-communities. But I also discussed minting and burning strategies with artists.

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