NFT Talents Mentor - Max Fortmeier

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January 2023

Max Fortmeier

Nationality: German

Residence: Wiesbaden, Germany

Short Bio: Max Fortmeier works as a freelance product owner and IT consultant. He has several years of experience in digital product management and consulting and holds a Master in Management from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Being active in the web3 space since early 2021, he looks forward to passing on his knowledge and fascination about web3 and NFTs to our NFT Talents.

Why are NFTs interesting? Because they introduce the concept of ownership (and scarcity) to digital assets. This enables many use cases and will be a major vehicle for the evolution towards a more decentralized internet.

My touchpoints with NFTs so far: NFTs as an investment, P2E NFTs, token-gated access, advising clients on DLT and NFTs.

My favorite NFT project: Too many to pick one favorite. Interesting projects to follow from a builder’s perspective could be RTFKT Clone X as well as DeGods and y00ts. 

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