NFT Talents Mentor - Jennifer Balder

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August 2022

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Nationality: German

Residence: Frankfurt, Germany

Short Bio: ‘Leveraging blockchain technology for a strong future’ - is the motivation to work as Lead Consultant Blockchain @ Zühlke Engineering and lead the cross-industry Blockchain:Circle. My current focus is on product development in the banking and financial services sector. Due to my engineering background, I also advise various industrial companies on future Blockchain strategies and potential use cases.

Why are NFTs interesting? Even if we think we have already recognized some of the potentials of NFTs, we are probably all still underestimating the impact that NFTs will have on all of our daily lives in the future. How exciting it is to be able to be part of this development. 

My touchpoints with NFTs so far: In addition to working on NFT projects and owning NFTs, I like to create POAPs ( to add another dimension to memories and experiences.

My favorite NFT project: Currently: 

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