NFT Talents Mentor - Frank Harzheim

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January 2023

Frank Harzheim-Nov-09-2022-06-54-42-3452-AM

Nationality: Germany

Residence: Lachen, Switzerland

Short Bio: I am an experienced entrepreneurial, senior-level executive with 20+ years building and leading high performing international Sales Teams, in a fast-growing, innovative business environment. I have been working in sales and general management positions for large corporations and startups. Currently I work as Chief Revenue Officer for Scorechain SA, a globally leading Blockchain Analytics solution provider.

Why are NFTs interesting? NFT’s are an excellent use case for DLT Technology offering a wide set of opportunities when it comes to ownership, rewards and loyalty. It might become an essential element for a more value orient future internet.

My touchpoints with NFTs so far: I started my NFT journey with getting “proof of attendance”, I minted myself and was mentor during the first cohort of the NFT Talents program.

My favorite NFT project: There are many innovative projects being developed, especially in the field of ticketing.

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