NFT Talents Mentor - Dominik Peer

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August 2022

Dominik Peer

Nationality: Germany

Residence: Heidelberg, Germany

Short Bio: Dominik Peer is a crypto enthusiast who focuses on future technologies that will transform the traditional financial world. He is looking at how blockchain technology, DeFi applications and other projects in the web3 space will impact everyday life. 

He is an MBA candidate (Digital Finance, Strategy and Accounting) at the University of Applied Sciences in Ludwigshafen. He works as a Research Associate at the Blockchain centre of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. 

Why are NFTs interesting? I find NFT interesting because I think that its properties will open up many new use cases. It is exciting to see how so many projects have been created in just one year, but I find it much more interesting to see which of these projects will survive and become established.

My touchpoints with NFTs so far: NFT minting, buy-sell on secondary market; ENS domain names; various POAPS from events; NFT-gaming

My favorite NFT project: Lost Poets by PAK

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