NFT Talents Mentor - Alexandra Overgaag

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August 2022

Alexandra Overgaag

Nationality: Dutch

Residence: Florence, Italy

Short Bio: Alexandra works as a Business Development Strategist at Radom Network, a blockchain company, and is a member of the UK’s APPG on Blockchain. She is a Web3 advocate by nature, a multi-disciplinary researcher and writer by education, and a crypto-investor in her free time.

Why are NFTs interesting? Value, derived from the mere scarcity or uniqueness of an NFT, is often in the eye of the beholder and may therefore be inherently connected to trends, market cycles and subjective appreciation. I am most interested in NFTs as utility tokens or as representations of digital or physical assets in cases where the NFT's value is not inherently derived from their scarcity per se. Rather, I am eager to discover how NFTs can add continuous value to businesses and individuals due to their practical use-case potentials, solving today's market inefficiencies. Alongside offering new opportunities yet to be discovered, I believe that NFTs can help crack the many challenges that society copes with today, such as climate change or the unfolding of the sharing economy. 

My touchpoints with NFTs so far: At Radom Network, we enable the minting of assets connected to the internet and for them to be provisioned on-chain and to be leased out access to on our global marketplace.

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