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Name: Olesya Kovalskaya

Short Bio: Olesya Kovalskaya currently holds the position of Partner Relationship and Ecosystem Awareness at Arthera Blockchain. Prior to this role, successfully launched a virtual summit in the metaverse called Web3StrongerTogether, leveraging her expertise in digital technologies and art. With a strong belief in decentralization, she actively runs the Women NGO Ukrainian Sisters, aiming to integrate blockchain into charitable initiatives to restore trust and transparency in critical aspects of life.

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Fun Fact about you: I constantly challenge myself by doing things that scare me. Singing loudly in the car. Discovering hidden movements and dancing during tough conversations.

When and what was your first touchpoint with DLT & Blockchain? At the Dzen Conference in Odessa in February 2022, just before the war began. I created a mind map during the event outlining the ideal interaction within the space and sent it to QMall’s founder, Mykola Udianskyi, questioning my sanity. He replied that the journey would be challenging, but I had a clear vision. This prompted me to seek out like-minded individuals, and I was fortunate to find some in a car park during the Wow Summit in Lisbon in November 2022.

What fascinates you most about DLT? I believe that as a society, we have not fully embraced the beauty of experiencing the sharing economy and decentralization in action. The social impact aspect of life could be enhanced, purified, and evolved to provide each individual with a place to live, eat, and breathe.

Your favorite Crypto Influencer: @cz_binance @VitalikButerin @PerelloLaurent

Your best knowledge resource in the blockchain space? Bitcoin WhitePaper

My favorite DLT protocol/project: Arthera

Your favorite word in Crypto Jargon: Fork, to the moon, farming, HODL

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