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DLT Talents Profile – Zeynep Uzun

By June 24, 2024June 26th, 2024No Comments

Nationality: Turkish

Residence: Istanbul, Turkey

Field of study: Architectural design, gaming design, web3 experiences

University: Msc, Bilkent University

Work experience: After working as an architectural designer, I became fascinated by the metaverse and gaming world. My journey in this field began with designing digital experiences for NFT Biennial, and now it encompasses conceptual development and management of this company’s web3 experiences, both digitally and physically.

Current affiliation: NFT Biennial

Current position: Head of Experience

Why is blockchain interesting? Blockchain is interesting because it creates an economically decentralized system, enabling the tokenization and integration of digital art into numerous sectors within the digital realm through NFT technologies. By eliminating third parties, it fosters a more transparent, decentralized ecosystem. It’s a game-changing technology that is still evolving, sparking curiosity about how far it can advance!

My touchpoints with blockchain and DLT so far: I’ve been engaged with this technology for some time, conducting academic research on the topic. Simultaneously, I’m working at NFT Biennial where we utilize this technology in a professional capacity.

LinkedIn: Profile Link

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