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DLT Talents Profile – Maria Fernanda Perez Alvarez

By June 24, 2024June 26th, 2024No Comments

Nationality: Mexican

Residence: Mexico City

Field of study: Economics

University: ITAM

Work experience: 4 years as Business and Data Analyst

Current affiliation: G500

Current position: Business Analyst

Why is blockchain interesting? Blockchain is interesting because it has the potential to transform the world we live in by revolutionizing every industry, bringing unprecedented traceability, and empowering individuals who previously didn’t receive the benefits of their creations. At its core, blockchain represents ownership, providing a secure and transparent way to record and verify assets. It enables solutions to problems that are impossible to tackle with current technology, such as ensuring the origin of the goods we consume. Imagine knowing exactly where your food comes from or having your asset ownership registered across thousands of tamper-resistant computers worldwide. Blockchain is truly a revolution in how we record and manage ownership.

My touchpoints with blockchain and DLT so far: I am engaged in various communities where I have learned about DeFi, NFTs, ReFi, and other blockchain topics. My participation in hackathons and passion for Product Design drive my interest in transforming digital product ideas into solutions that meet user needs and develop sustainable business models. I thrive on the challenge of taking a concept from inception to a fully functional and impactful digital product.

LinkedIn: Profile Link

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