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DLT Talents Profile – M. Elena Segatini

By June 24, 2024July 8th, 2024No Comments

Nationality: American/Italian

Residence: USA/ITALY

Field of study: AI – Photography – Digital Retoucher

University: Art Center College of Design – Pasadena – CA -USA

Work experience: Self Emloyed/Owner

Current affiliation: KBlab Studio

Current position: Photographer, Digital Retoucher, AI artist

Why is blockchain interesting? Blockchain is the new world, and I want to be part of it in a conscious and impactful way. As a digital artist, I am fascinated by how blockchain is revolutionizing every aspect of our world including the art world. It offers unprecedented opportunities for artists to assert ownership, ensure authenticity, and monetize their work in ways that were not possible before. By engaging with blockchain technology, I aim to contribute to this innovative landscape, exploring its potential to bring more value and recognition to digital art.

My touchpoints with blockchain and DLT so far: 1. Investment in Cryptocurrencies: I’m actively investing in various cryptocurrencies, gaining firsthand experience with blockchain technology and market dynamics.
2. SheFi USA – Cohort 8: I Participated in the SheFi program (NY), gaining knowledge and networking opportunities within the blockchain and crypto community.
3.Frankfurt School of Blockchain: I participated to the online CRYPTO ASSETS CONFERENCE 2023 meet with the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, enhancing my understanding of blockchain technology, its applications, and its impact on different sectors.
4. Creating NFTs: I’m currently in the process of creating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), exploring the innovative ways blockchain can be used to authenticate and monetize digital art.
5. Digital Art for Clients: I’m currently creating digital art AI images for clients using Midjourney.

LinkedIn: Profile Link

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