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DLT Talents Profile – Ana M. Grijalva

By June 24, 2024June 26th, 2024No Comments

Nationality: Ecuador

Residence: Ecuador

Field of study: Economics: Econometrics & Public Administration

University: University College of London

Work experience: Innovator, digital strategist, and social specialist with over 7 years of experience in development contexts in program advice, management, advocacy, partnership building, resource mobilization, and monitoring and evaluation. As an innovator, I specialize in steering the development and implementation of digital and social innovations portfolios through sourcing strategies, running pilots, and scaling-up game-changing solutions. I have worked for different agencies of the United Nations, international organizations such as University of Oxford, Inter-American Development Bank, and World Bank. I have experience working across different countries, both remotely and in the field, providing technical support from an innovation and digital transformation lens to regional and global teams, as well as external stakeholders. I am an enthusiastic collaborator with a strategic mindset that excels at multitasking and thrives in high-pressure situations and complex contexts.

Current affiliation: United Nations Development Programme

Current position: Head of Explorationt at the Accelerator Lab of United Nations Development Programme

Why is blockchain interesting? It is interesting since Blockchain decentralizes data storage, reducing the risk of altering and creating a more secure and resilient system. This lack of a central authority fosters greater trust among participants. Also, transactions on the Blockchain are transparent and immutable. This means everyone can see the transactions, and once they are recorded, they cannot be changed. This builds a reliable and trustworthy system.

We are creating a new global social contract through this technology!

My touchpoints with blockchain and DLT so far: I am keen to keep learning and expanding on the use of Digital Identity. Blockchain provides self-sovereign, secure, and tamper-proof digital identities, giving individuals control over their personal information. It enhances security and reduces identity fraud by providing a reliable method for verifying and authenticating identities.

LinkedIn: Profile Link

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