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DLT Talents Profile – Alex Brückner

By June 24, 2024June 26th, 2024No Comments

Nationality: Germany

Residence: Frankfurt am Main

Field of study: Business law

University: University of Groningen & University of Bremen

Work experience: My areas of expertise include legal and regulatory affairs, compliance for retail and corporate banking as well as project management and consulting in the field of capital markets.

Current affiliation: dwpbank

Current position: Business developer and regulatory expert

Why is blockchain interesting? Blockchain is an intriguing technology that has the potential to usher in an era of decentralisation, enhancing security and transparency by removing the need for intermediaries. This can be very disruptive for the industries from finance to supply chain. As we look to the future, blockchain could streamline countless processes, foster innovative business models and transform the way we conduct transactions, ultimately driving significant societal and technological progress.

My touchpoints with blockchain and DLT so far: My current affiliation | DLT Talent cohort 8 | My first own investments in crypto assets

LinkedIn: Profile Link

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