DLT Talents - Zoe Fleischer

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November 2021

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Nationality: Serbian / German 

Residence: Zürich, Switzerland


Field of study: BA Business Communications

University:  HULT University London

Current affiliation: Casino St.Moritz / Hubble Protocol

Current position: Data Analyst / Blockchain Analyst


Why is blockchain interesting?
Blockchain offers autonomy and transparency to every person who is ready to decouple from centralized control systems, and with that gives us the opportunity to fix the most dysfunctional aspects of our society and create a world with more equality and smooth automated logistics.

And it only starts to get interesting once we contemplate all the ways of mixing A.I. and blockchain!

My touchpoints with blockchain so far:
2017: Investments and private Trading
2018: Autodidact Learning through Social Media, Books and Podcasts

2019: Studied at Moralis Blockchain Academy
2020: Launched a Crypto Beginners Course (In Person and Online)
2021: Started a Cryptocurrency Trading Fund
            Data Engineer for Bancambios DEX

2022: Blockchain Analyst for Hubble Protocol
              Building A.I.-augmented Blockchain Analytics Product

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