DLT Talents - Tamara Ferreira Schmidt

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November 2021

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Nationality: Brazilian

Residence: Frankfurt/Main, Germany


Field of study: BSc. in Physics | MBA in Financial Engineering | MBA in Capital Markets and Derivatives.

University: University of São Paulo (USP).  

Work experience: +15 years of experience in Financial Markets | Business Consulting | Alternative Financing Researcher.

Current affiliation: dTeach | DEA (Digital Euro Association). 

Current position: Freelance Consultant | Executive Director.


Why is blockchain interesting? Blockchain is the technology that decentralizes to empower. It's exciting because there is a huge innovative potential to disrupt traditional businesses and create new ones in varied fields. Economy and society can benefit significantly from the opportunities.


My touchpoints with blockchain so far: Crypto-Investments | MBA thesis on blockchain implementation at B3 (Brazilian Stock Exchange) | specialized content author (ebooks, articles, presentations, etc).   

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