DLT Talents - Shafaq Saeed

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December 2022

DLT Talents - Shafaq Saeed

Nationality: Pakistani, American

Residence: United States


Field of study: Management Information Systems

University:  University of Texas

Work experience: Software development, Consulting, Product Management, Startups

Current affiliation: IndieFaves

Current position: Founder & CEO


Why is blockchain interesting? Through decentralized-finance, digital payments, smart contracts, and immutable record-keeping, along-with dozens of applications in almost every industry from gaming to healthcare, supply chains to fashion and art, blockchain technology has the potential to create new foundations for our social and economic systems. In addition, blockchain technology promises the much-needed digital transformation of global businesses, organizations, and governing bodies, while providing enhanced security, greater transparency, instant traceability, and increased efficiency. Although the adoption of blockchain technology is gradual, the possibilities that blockchain presents for transforming our existing centralized, and sometimes flawed social and economic infrastructures are very interesting to me.

My touchpoints with blockchain so far: DLT Talents, podcasts, YouTube, private investing, research esp. relevant to blockchain, NFT and metaverse applications for fashion and sustainability.

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