DLT Talents - Sarah Madden

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December 2022

DLT Talents - Sarah Madden

Nationality: Australian

Residence:  Melbourne, Australia


Field of study: BA Politics and International Studies, Juris Doctor (Law)

University:  University of Melbourne

Work experience: Human rights, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land rights, public policy, law

Current position: Self-employed


Why is blockchain interesting?
I am interested in blockchain and distributed ledger technology due to its capacity to change the way humans organise themselves. I find topics such as DAOs, decentralisation and on-chain governance very interesting.


My touchpoints with blockchain so far

FinTech Bootcamp 6 month program where I learned coding smart contracts using Solidity, Polkadot Ambassador, Unit Masters, DLT Talents Program, Introduction to Digital Currencies (University of Nicosia), Introduction to Blockchain and Web3 (edX).

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