DLT Talents - Mariia Denysenko

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November 2021

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Nationality: Global citizen

Residence: Munich, Germany


Field of study: M.Eng. Computer Science and Communication Systems, MBA

University:  NTUU KPI, Hochschule Merseburg, Hult Business School

Work experience: Cybersecurity Consultant - Automotive, Technology, and Financial Services sectors

Current affiliation: Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

Current position: Senior Cybersecurity Consultant | FSO


Why is blockchain interesting?
This is an emerging technology which is becoming interesting to businesses and hackers. The regulatory part remains unclear to most of financial services willing to work with it, as well as security concerns remain unsolved.

My touchpoints with blockchain so far

Prior to the DLT community I never had a chance to work with the blockchain and to dig deeper into this topic. 

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