DLT Talents - Kristin Sperling

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December 2022

DLT Talents - Kristin Sperling

Nationality: German

Residence: Berlin, Germany


Field of study: Social Sciences, Gender Studies

University:  Humboldt University Berlin 

Work experience: Product Management, Product Discovery 

Current affiliation: THE ARC GmbH

Current position: Product Owner & Innovation Expert


Why is blockchain interesting? 

The ownership distribution of the current Internet is broken. It is in the hands of a few who can seize power from its users whenever it suits them. The latest evidence of this is the power play of Twitter CEO Elon Musk.
With blockchain technology and web3, we are returning to the origins of the Internet. We are creating permissionless access to information and ownership through open and transparent mechanisms. Novel organizational structures transform users into investors and give decision-making power back to the builders.

My touchpoints with blockchain so far

being part of communities like Unit Masters, DLT Talents and H.E.R. DAO, attending blockchain events & conferences, participating in hackathons

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