DLT Talents - Judith Pfeifer

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February 2023

DLT Talents - Judith Pfeifer

Nationality: German

Residence: Bad Homburg,  Germany


Field of study: Degree in Business Administration (BA), Graduation financial economist ebs 

University: Mannheim University of Cooperative Education, European Business School 

Work experience: With over a decade of experience in both sales and finance, I bring a unique blend of strategic thinking and relationship-building skills to the table

Current affiliation: m5invest GmbH

Current position: Employee shareholder in the family business


Why is blockchain interesting?
Blockchain is interesting because it provides a decentralized and secure way of storing and transferring information and assets without the need for intermediaries.

My touchpoints with blockchain so far

Deep dive into the rabbit hole. DLT Talents and NFT Talents. 

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