DLT Talents - Jasvin Bhasin

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November 2021

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Nationality: German

Residence: Germany


Field of study: Bachelor in Computer Engineering, MBA in Finance & Entrepreneurship

University: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of St. Gallen, University of Pune

Work experience: 10+ years (strategy consulting, business development, big data & analytics, people management, project management, change management, organization development, system engineering)

Current affiliation: Self-employed

Current position: Strategy consultant


Why is blockchain interesting? I think that the blockchain space is at an interesting tipping point right now- regulating a technology that is borderless by definition is a monumental task that requires big picture thinking, deep technological understanding and an open dialogue. At the same time it is crucial to enable mass adoption by replacing doubt with clarity, usability and improved customer experience

My touchpoints with blockchain so far: Hackathons, crypto and NFT investments, online courses, DAO memberships

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