DLT Talents - Giulia De Rossi

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December 2022

DLT Talents - Giulia De Rossi

Nationality: Italian

Residence:  Czech Republic


Field of study: International Security  

University: UNINT

Work experience: Aerospace & Security Consultant, IT Risk Management, Startup founder

Current affiliation: EUSPA, DragonBlocks

Current position: IT Security Consultant


Why is blockchain interesting? 

I am particularly attracted by the future applications of blockchain technology which are not only limited to the financial sector, but in diverse areas of business. Differently from other emerging technologies this environment is shaped by young people, which actively contribute to its further development and growth. At the same time the affirmation of blockchain as a valid technology, brings worldwide citizen to become digitized  and creates new ways of thinking, for a more open minded and exciting future! 


My touchpoints with blockchain so far

As I have a natural curiosity for emerging technologies, it comes natural for me to exploit every way possible to know more about them. I started on my own deepening my understanding of blockchain. First, via articles and videos on youtube, until I decided to gain practical exposure by working on my startup, DragonBlocks. I have also to acknowledge the community of Urbe.eth - the best  blockchain community based  in Italy -, and especially its founders, for spreading awareness about blockchain, regularly share their knowledge and expertise with all the members and last but not least, their determination for fighting the scepticism that still dominates this technology. 

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