DLT Talents - Eva Blass-Enste

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December 2022

DLT Talents - Eva Blass-Enste

Nationality: German & Spanish

Residence:  Düsseldorf, Germany


Field of study: Public Policy

University: University Passau 

Work experience: FinTech, Consulting in Financial Services Industry (Focus on Regulation & Tech) & Banking (Assistant & PMO to Dpt. CEO & Strategic Project Manager to Division Head)

Current affiliation: Solarisbank (Europe's largest embedded finance platform)

Current position: Senior Strategic Partner Project Manager


Why is blockchain interesting? 

 Blockchain and distributed ledger technology revolutionize ownership and access to information fostering an inclusive, diverse & decentralized digital environment to which I would like to contribute. 


My touchpoints with blockchain so far

Readings (Newsletter, Blogs, Paper & LinkedIn articles), Podcasts & DLT

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