DLT Talents - Sagun Chauhan

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May 2023

DLT Talents - Sagun Chauhan

Nationality: Indian

Residence: Pune, India


Field of study: Bachelor's of engineering

University: Army institute of technology

Work experience: 1+ year

Current position: Technical Head


Why is blockchain interesting? It is important to note that while blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the way we conduct transactions online, it is not a cure-all for all of the problems in the world of online commerce. For example, while blockchain can make transactions more secure, it cannot prevent fraud or scams entirely. Additionally, the technology is not yet perfect and there have been instances of bugs or vulnerabilities being exploited by hackers. Despite these challenges, blockchain remains an exciting and promising development in the world of online commerce that is worth keeping an eye on as it continues to evolve and mature. I really liked the way how the transition of web1 which only gave us power of reading then web2 which gave us power to read and write and now web3 not only gave us power to read and write but also to own it.

My touchpoints with blockchain so far: My experience with blockchain so far includes working with various tools such as Truffle, Hardhat, Solidity, and Node.js. I have had the opportunity to create smart contracts, leveraging these technologies. Through this hands-on work, I have gained practical knowledge in developing blockchain applications and implementing decentralized solutions using smart contracts. It has been an engaging and rewarding experience to explore the potential of blockchain technology in real-world applications.


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