DLT Talents - Rebecca Luise Weyers

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May 2023

DLT Talents - Rebecca Luise Weyers

Nationality: Germany

Residence: Hamburg, Germany


Field of study: BSc Business Administration & MSc Marketing

University: BSc: 2015 MSc: 2017

Work experience: Business Consultant with experience at large and small Consultancies. Skilled in software implementation processes, requirements analysis, and technical design. Managed projects, budgets, and implementation teams. Also, a former marketer and journalist with expertise in writing and communication.

Current position: Senior Consultant at Deloitte Digital with a focus on implementations.


Why is blockchain interesting? I am deeply fascinated by Blockchain Technology as it represents the forefront of innovation, revolutionizing markets, business processes, and individual lives. Its dynamic and rapidly evolving nature continuously influences laws, policies, and industry standards, making it a compelling and captivating field. The immense relevance and excitement surrounding these developments are undeniable. Above all, I believe in the transformative power of Blockchain Technology to create a more inclusive world, fostering equitable power distribution and opening up new possibilities for societal progress.

My touchpoints with blockchain so far: Investments in crypto, NFT art projects and conversations with people from the industry.

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