DLT Talents - Malak Albaw

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May 2023

DLT Talents - Malak Albaw

Nationality: Jordanian

Residence: Torino, Italy


Field of study: Bachelor's in Economics & Finance

University: Venezia, Italy

Work experience: I work at Andrea Baldereschi Crowdfunding Agency, helping entrepreneurs launch their ideas on Kickstarter and raise funds to enter the market.

Current position: Crowdfunding and Marketing Specialist


Why is blockchain interesting? Blockchain fascinates me because it can revolutionize transactions, information-sharing, and interactions. I'm excited about blockchain's potential to empower minorities and refugees by removing bureaucratic middlemen. With blockchain, they can attain financial freedom and greater control of their lives. For international brands, they can leverage blockchain to increase their customer retentions through loyalty NFT programs.

My touchpoints with blockchain so far: Blockchain has been my journey of discovery. As a marketing specialist, I teach "Social Impact of Blockchain" at Crypto Tech Women's W3 Academy. I wrote my thesis on "DeFi: The Future of Finance" with Professor Andrea Minto at Ca' Foscari University, highlighting the impact of DeFi on third-world economies.


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