DLT Talents - Lina Pauline Schrott

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May 2023

DLT Talents - Lina Pauline Schrott

Nationality: German-Canadian

Residence: Berlin, Germany


Field of study: Marketing and Creative Production

University: Hong Kong

Work experience: I help organizations shape powerful narratives and communicate authentic messages that embody purpose and build what matters – the foundation of a brand.

Over the past 7 years, I have lived in 8 countries, and explored 25+ nations, gathering cultural experience globally. My purpose and calling lie in catalyzing significant impact through storytelling.

My experience lies in the creation of powerful written and video content, encompassing anything from founder stories to articles for publications.

Current position: Producer/Reporter at 3Beats


Why is blockchain interesting? Overall, I resonate with the core principles that blockchain is built upon: community, transparency, and ownership. The idea of trustlessness is very attractive to me, allowing each member in a network to have the same exact copy of data in the form of a distributed ledger.

My touchpoints with blockchain so far: I have dabbled more in the NFT space, having been interested in perpetual ownership and monetization of digital art, as a creative in the space. I have invested in different NFT projects, contributed to DAOs and played an active role in creative content production in blockchain space.


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