DLT Talents - Beste Karık

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December 2022

DLT Talents - Beste Karık

Nationality: Turkish

Residence:  Turkey


Field of study: B.Sc. Business Administration

University:  Middle East Technical University

Work experience: 10 years of marketing experience in FMCG (PepsiCo, Imperial Tobacco, Nestle) & Automotive

Current affiliation: Delphi Technologies

Current position: Marketing Manager


Why is blockchain interesting?

I am impressed by blockchain because it has the potential to disrupt almost all industries; not just finance. Also, it can transform and democratize many processes we have today. I believe that this technology will have a huge impact in the near future and being part of this evolution makes me very excited.


My touchpoints with blockchain so far:

Investing in cryptocurrencies & NFTs & DeFi projects, DLT Talents, University of Nicosia (NFT & Metaverse), UC Berkeley (Entrepreneurship in Web3), several videos, podcasts, industry conferences.

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