DLT Talents - Basima Khuram

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December 2022

DLT Talents - Basima Khuram

Nationality: British

Residence:  Woking, England


Field of study: M.Sc. Information Security with specialization in Cryptography

University:  Royal Holloway, University of London

Work experience: 15+ years in Financial Services

Current affiliation: Bank of New York Mellon 

Current position: Director, International Lead, Digital Assets Compliance advisory


Why is blockchain interesting?
The Blockchain brings to full circle the cryptographic concepts I had been familiar with, into the modern evolution of Finance. It is a great application with the potential to empower humanity in all walks of life.


My touchpoints with blockchain so far

Regulatory-understanding the fundamental characteristics of the blockchain and its various applications in financial services to advise on future innovations and influencing the industry’s Anti Money Laundering risk frameworks.

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