DLT Talents - Amaoge Nnogo

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December 2022

DLT Talents - Amaoge Nnogo

Nationality: Nigeria

Residence:  Nicosia, Cyprus


Field of study: Masters in  Blockchain and Digital Currency | Postgraduate Diploma in Health Logistics and Supply Chain Management | Bachelor of Pharmacy

University: University of Nicosia | University of Lagos | University of Nigeria

Work experience: Superintendent Pharmacist

Current affiliation: University of Nicosia, DLT Talents Program.

Current position: Master’s Student


Why is blockchain interesting? 

Blockchain provides a crypto economy that is accessible to all who have access to the internet, regardless of nationality, gender, race or even socioeconomic class. Investing in cryptocurrencies and related Blockchain projects will help in building better functioning economies in countries with less economic freedom and make it easier to live a better life. Blockchain gives people the power to freely make choices and creates possibilities for financial freedom and global participation. It also has applications in numerous fields and enterprises.


My touchpoints with blockchain so far

 University of Nicosia’s “Introduction to Digital Currencies free MOOC”, DLT Talents Program, Research Articles on Blockchain Technology in Pharmaceutical industry, Philipp Sandner's 10-day educational program.

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