DLT Talents - Alexandra Gkoupideni

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December 2022

DLT Talents - Alexandra Gkoupideni

Nationality: Greek

Residence: Berlin, Germany /Lisbon, Portugal


Field of study: Law, L.L.M. Law and Economics

University: Utrecht University 

Work experience: My not so linear path consists of cross-functional roles in finance-> Lawyer  (Private Practice, EIB ) -> Policy Consultant (ESMA ) ->Leadership/Management (Talent Programme GMF ), Product Management (Auto1 Fintech, BSDEX )

Current affiliation: Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange

Current position: Product Manager in a Crypto Exchange 


Why is blockchain interesting? Blockchain is an evolution to the way information is stored, cannot be tampered with, and is shared publicly. It inspires confidence, reliability, security and transparency of data. In finance it has found it’s first tangible use case. It has revolutionised the way value is being transferred  globally, irrespective of national borders. It is a game changer that provides access to finance, that is cheap , efficient and fast to people who didn't have access to the banking system. Also, it is unique how decentralised communities have developed on top of it. It has a huge impact on legal frameworks, it raises unheard questions and will push legal boundaries to new territories. It’s a (r)evolution!

My touchpoints with blockchain so far:
Certified DLT & Blockchain Manager-Technical University of Munich, Smart Contracts and Decentralized Finance Course of the Universoty of Basel, DLT Talents Program - Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, Blockchain conferences (CAC22, NExtBlockExpo, WebSummit Lisbon, Solana Breakpoint, ETH Week), regular Crypto  Meetups, Research on Legal Transformation through Blockchain, Following EU /US legislation efforts and a DAO member

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