DLT Talents Mentor - Kai-Ti Wu

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July 2023

Name: Kai-Ti Wu

Short Bio: Kai-Ti is a sustainability innovation consultant with a background in scientific research and data science. She is currently working on a PhD in digital humanity. Her research looks into modern tech that supports nature conservation and enhances human well-being.

LinkedIn URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kaitiwu/

What was your first touchpoint with DLT & Blockchain? Research in crypto projects that supports sustainability. Blockchain for citizen engagement and nature conservation. Business model innovation.

What fascinates you most about DLT? The transparent, decentralised and traceable nature of DLT provides opportunities to build efficient systems and caring communities that prioritize environmental and social considerations alongside traditional financial models.

Her favorite DLT protocol/project: Return protocol, Particula (ESG-Token Data Platform), MakerDAO

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