DLT Talents Mentor - Janne Philine Krahlheer

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November 2022

Name: Janne Philine Krahlheer

LinkedIn URL: www.linkedin.com/in/jp-krahlheer

When and what was your first touchpoint with DLT & Blockchain? My first touchpoint with blockchain and cryptocurrencies was through Dr. Julian Hops book "Cryptocurrencies" back in 2018/2019.

What fascinates you most about DLT? I am passionate about blockchain as the technology has the potential to revolutionize entire domains, processes, and business models. As we are still at an early stage, we have the opportunity to create and shape the future and redirect it towards sustainability and positive social impacts.

Your best knowledge resource in the blockchain space? Personal connections, Conferences, Hackathons 

Your favourite word in Crypto Jargon: Falling down the rabbit hole.

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