DLT Talents Mentor - Gloria Traidl

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April 2023

Name: Gloria Traidl

Short Bio: With 24 years of sales experience in the financial industry, including investment banking, Capital Markets, and Fixed Income Sales, Gloria has a wealth of expertise to draw upon. She is a Fixed Income Sales Specialist with extensive knowledge of various liquid and illiquid interest rate and fixed income products on a national and international level. Moreover, Gloria was participating in DLT Talents program of the 5th cohort and the NFT Talent Program, demonstrating her passion for this exciting new technology. Currently, Gloria serves on the advisory board of Blockchain Investor AG (BIAG) and Tokenstreet. Additionally, she provides strategic sales advisory services to Kurant, a Bitcoin ATM company, and Coinfinity, a Bitcoin broker.

LinkedIn URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gloria-traidl-257045223/

What was your first touchpoint with DLT & Blockchain? Bitcoin as private investment - then fallen into the rabbit whole and started learning, learning, learning true to the motto: eat, sleep, learn, repeat!

What fascinates you most about DLT? Building the future in a digital way, and changing it for the better.

Her favorite DLT protocol/project: Bitcoin

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