DeFi Talents - Salan Isaqzoi

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May 2023

DeFi Talents - Salan Isaqzoi

Nationality:  German

Residence: Bonn

Field of Study: Business Administation

University: HBRS

Work experience: KPMG M&A, bloXmove finance and fundraising

Current affiliation: Deloitte Blockchain Institute

Why is DeFi interesting? The liberty and autonomous decision-making of both myself and others hold significant value to me. To me, Blockchain serves as a manifestation of this principle. One of the core advantages of blockchain compared to the banking system is that you are the owner of your assets, not a financial institution. Furthermore, blockchain is dismantling centralized power structures, leading to disintermediation. It results in greater self-determination, more opportunities for participation and consequently, increased freedom for the end-user.

Your touchpoints with DeFi so far: From a theoretical standpoint, I have enhanced my knowledge base through DeFi courses offered by Coursera. Furthermore, I actively analyze blockchain ecosystems and tokens for potential investment opportunities. On a practical level, I utilize DeFi platforms to buy and swap cryptocurrencies, directly applying the insights gained from my ongoing research.

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