DeFi Talents - Jonas Trifot

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July 2023

Jonas Trifot

Nationality: French

Residence: London

Field of study: Economics

University: Paris Dauphine - London Business School

Work experience:  I am an accomplished design thinking consultant with a diverse background in marketing research, operations, and start-up leadership. Specializing in transforming raw data into actionable strategies, I've catalysed growth for tech-centric companies by uncovering user needs and translating them into innovative product features.

Current affiliation: Impact Venture Lab

Why is DeFi interesting? DeFi embodies a distinct fusion of cyberpunk ideals and technological innovation. It channels the core cyberpunk principles of decentralization, anonymity, and autonomy, bringing financial agency back to the individual, eliminating the necessity for intermediaries, and disrupting the traditional financial power structures. The DeFi ecosystem challenges the preconceived notions of finance, revealing a novel perspective, where money isn't just a tool, but an open-source protocol that everyone can shape and gain from.

Your touchpoints with DeFi so far: My touchpoints with DeFi began in November 2017 when I attended the launch of ConsenSys in London and was inspired by Joe Lubin's vision for Ethereum as a foundation for decentralization, self-sovereignty, and a democratized global society. Through my design thinking activities, I contributed to the expansion of the ConsenSys Academy program to Africa by supporting the Founder of the Africa Blockchain Alliance, thus promoting education and awareness about Ethereum in the region. Currently, I am actively involved in advising an early-stage remittance/crypto exchange in Africa, leveraging my knowledge of DeFi to help create accessible and inclusive financial solutions for the continent. These experiences have allowed me to witness firsthand the transformative potential of DeFi in fostering financial innovation, empowerment, and social impact.

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