Bitcoin Talents - Woan Wei Hong

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March 2023

BTC Talents _ PUBLIC _ Profile_Woan Wei Hong

Nationality: Malaysian

Residence: London, UK

Field of study: Accounting & Finance (Bachelor of Commerce)

University: University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Work experience: Big 4 accounting, consulting, auditing, advisory

Current affiliation: Huawei Global Finance (UK) Ltd

Current position: Director- Global (Accounting & Controls)

Why is Bitcoin interesting? Bitcoin forces me to think about the history of money, how the economy works and encourages me to explore and ask questions about the world I live in. Bitcoin keeps me fascinated and wanted to learn more about it.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: My journey into Bitcoin started with understanding the concept of money and the economy. To me, the real innovation here is Bitcoin’s architecture- i.e. blockchain. Hence, I am keen to understand more use cases around this technology as well as the risks involved and how accountants and auditors can contribute to the safe use of this technology.

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