Bitcoin Talents - Roman Marin

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August 2023

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Nationality: German

Residence: Frankfurt, Germany

Field of study: Machinery, Economics, Informatics

Work experience: Project Manager, Consultant

Current affiliation: Self-Employed

Current position: Self-Employed

Why is Bitcoin interesting? I have been in the bitcoin space since spring 2020 when btc crashed to 3800 EUR. My business was locked down because of C-19 and I had both, the time and the pressure to act in order to save/reallocate my assets because of the global situation and the huge money printing starting at the beginning of the pandemic.

Bitcoin for me is the greatest invention within my lifetime. It’s not just about investing “money”, it’s far beyond that in its meaning.
It’s the first chance for common people to save their working hours/lifetime in a store of value that can’t be inflated or devalued by someone else like every other asset class.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far:
I’m interested in every detail concerning bitcoin. I support people/corporations to get into bitcoin. 
I gave lectures for companies.

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