Bitcoin Talents - Rahul Banerjee

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March 2023

BTC Talents _ PUBLIC _ Profile_Rahul Banerjee

Nationality: Indian

Residence: Bangalore, India

Field of study: Commerce; Strategic Marketing and Sales Management

University: University of Lucknow; IIM Rohtak

Work experience: 18+ years of experience in Digital Strategy, Marketing Research, Business Intelligence, Organic Marketing, SEO, Analytics, Both B2B and B2C sectors

Current affiliation: Advisor and investor to various businesses 

Current position: Consultant - Digital Strategy

Why is Bitcoin interesting? Bitcoin is an astonishing phenomenon and has become a belief system. For over one decade, it has been the best investment case in terms of a store of value, security, and instantaneous exchange value. With more adoption worldwide, I believe there will be more maturity in the market. The idea of Bitcoin as a digital gold is fascinating, and it is what the new generation needs to cling to. It’s a great innovation!!!

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: I am a Bitcoin enthusiast and follow all the news related to Bitcoin. I have few international friends who really believe in the Bitcoin concept and have influenced me for further understanding. Bitcoin possess immense potential and is changing how traditional money and finance works :) 

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