Bitcoin Talents - Laura Spinaci

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August 2023

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Nationality: Italian

Residence: Milan, Italy

Field of study: MSC in Computer Science

University: University of Bologna, Italy

Work experience: Web2 and Web3, product development, program and portfolio management, account management, biz dev and growth, sales and strategy

Current affiliation: contractor for several web3  organizations

Current position: consultant, strategy, sales, operations web3

Why is Bitcoin interesting? It is a interdisciplinary technology that overlap macro finance, economic, social, geo-political aspect of the world, bridging finance with technology and energy sector. It brings a public financial infrastructure, global, decentralized, self-sovereign since separate governments from monetary system through a deflationary currency which is a scarce commodity, for the first time hard money, not credit. Its the payment layer internet was missing allowing macro and micro payments almost realtime and cheap, worldwide. 

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: in 2017 took  the certified bitcoin professional (CBP) certification, since then worked on strategy, execution,business development, go to market, growth with strong technical understanding 

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