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March 2023

BTC Talents _ PUBLIC _ Profile_Jo-Ann Alexandra Hamilton

Nationality: Crucian (USVI)

Residence: Wuxi, China

Field of study: Master of Science-Real Estate Investment, Master of Science-Management in Construction, BSc Environmental Science

University: American University, Washington, D.C.,USA ,  City University, Bayes Business School, (formerly Cass)  London, UK and Kingston University, London, U.K.

Work experience: (1) Real Estate Investment, Development, Consultancy & Construction..  (2) Educator-Teaching, Facilitating and Curriculum Planning for  Business (and all related topics), Economics and Technology, (3) Founder of Rare Birds multi media platform: Content Creator, Curator, Writer, Researcher & Podcaster

Current affiliation: Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

Current position: Business & Economics Teacher

Why is Bitcoin interesting? Bitcoin keeps me in perpetual learning mode. It allows me to dive deeply into a variety of disciplines and connect with people on different levels from across the globe.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: Holding since 2017 and consuming as much content-books, programmes, blogs, podcasts etc -as I possibly can on the topic as well as sharing my learnings through the Rare Birds platform, which I founded. 

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