Bitcoin Talents - Jan Berning

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March 2023

BTC Talents _ PUBLIC _ Profile_Jan Berning

Nationality: German

Residence: Düsseldorf, Germany

Field of study: Master of Arts International Management

University: Hochschule Düsseldorf

Work experience: Venture Architect, Founder 

Current affiliation: Dicura 

Current position: Operations

Why is Bitcoin interesting? Bitcoin is fascinating due to its inherent characteristics of scarcity, security, decentralization, and transparency. These attributes have earned it recognition as a valuable asset, and have made it a pioneering and influential force in the financial industry.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: I first encountered Bitcoin in 2017, when its value suddenly skyrocketed, doubling in just a few days. This prompted me to investigate further, leading to a deeper understanding of its features and operation, and further fueling my interest in blockchain technology.

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